Sneaks & Geeks takes a look at the status of fashion and sneaker culture as a whole through the scope of individuals I have met and cultivated relationships with at my place of work. Social Status, an upscale men’s streetwear, fashion and sneaker boutique has provided the city of Pittsburgh with access to limited and hard-to-find sneakers, designers and brands from across the globe since 2011. I was hired as a sales associate in May of 2018 and have found myself fully immersed in the culture itself. Sneakers and clothing have always been a personal interest. However, I find that each customer and friend has their own unique perspective and ideas about this global phenomenon. The sense of individuality within this community that inspired me to dig deeper into these people’s personal stories about how they got into clothing and sneakers, their personal opinions on the culture at large and how it inspires or contributes to who they are today.